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Fashion Designer Daniela Ashba



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Welcome to the creative world of Daniela Ashba.

I am Daniela Ashba, a spirited and dedicated fashion designer with a vibrant German-Egyptian heritage. Born in Egypt and fluent in German, Arabic, French, English, and Italian, I am a polyglot whose multicultural background deeply influences my creative expression.

My interest in fashion ignited at a young age when I started buying Burda magazines and taught myself how to sew. This passion for design and garment construction led me to start experimenting with modifying patterns and attending summer courses between school years to expand my knowledge in fashion.

My formal education in fashion design started during high school at the Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts. Here, I engaged in projects that involved designing and sewing with recycled materials. These projects greatly improved my sewing skills and knowledge of garment construction, affirming my passion for pursuing a career in fashion. I expanded upon these skills at Central Saint Martins, where my studies included a focus on sketching the human body to depict motion in 2-D, enhancing my ability to create dynamic garment presentations.​

At the age of 20, inspired by a lifelong passion for fashion and design, I ventured to Florence, Italy, to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design at POLIMODA institute. This program not only sharpened my technical skills but also deepened my appreciation for the craft of fashion.

My professional journey began at ASK Company in Alexandria, Egypt, where I designed products, mastering digital and silk screen printing techniques and contemporary embroidery. This role expanded my understanding of pattern making, sketching, and sewing.

Further enriching my experience, I interned at Honor Couture in Munich, Germany, where I served as the right hand to the main designer and owner, improving my advanced sewing skills and assisting in daily atelier operations.

Additionally, I worked with renowned freelance designers, including the Creative Directors of HUI, Historic Milano, and Alberto Zambelli. My roles involved creating mood boards, researching trends, selecting fabrics, and completing technical sheets.

In Egypt, I worked closely with the head designer at OR, focusing on mood and color boards and drafting technical designs.

I began my career at MARC CAIN GmbH as an Assistant Designer, where I initially assisted the Designer in Denim and Light Woven garments. My early responsibilities included trend research, filling out spec sheets and technical drawings, creating Col3d simulations, editing images on Photoshop, and participating in all fittings and garment development.

Currently, I am a Junior Designer, now focusing exclusively on Denim garments at MARC CAIN GmbH, managing the full lifecycle of garment development from the initial concept to the final fitting. Alongside these responsibilities, I assist the senior designer with the creation of outerwear garments and support the head of design, ensuring that our team’s vision is executed flawlessly.

As a designer, I describe my style as simple yet profound, with an emphasis on clean lines and intricate fabric manipulations that add a touch of elegance and surprise. Each piece I create is designed with the aim to empower, showcasing confidence, power, and comfort.

Creativity and organization are at the core of my professional ethos. I thrive on pushing boundaries and exploring new technologies to blend traditional craftsmanship with innovative design techniques, ensuring my creations are not just garments, but reflections of evolving lifestyles.

Through my work, I aspire to not only influence fashion but also to inspire those who wear my designs to feel as bold and unique as the pieces themselves.

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